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Dear Ernie,

Thank you so much for a wonderful job as DJ at our wedding!  You played such a great mix of music & everyone had so much fun! It was a wonderful reception and we will definitely recommend you!

Thanks again-

Tony and Sarah



We just wanted to "Thank You" for making our wedding reception great!  I had A LOT of compliments on our DJ.  The music was great and you did a nice job of getting everyone involved. I will pass your name along!  Thanks again!

Brenda and Perry



Thank you for the excellent job at our wedding reception in mid June! Everyone had a fantastic time and those who normally don't dance did.  We all enjoyed ourselves we didn't want the night to end.  Thanks for the fun.

Jody & Todd



Jen and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE told us how impressed they were with you and how you "rocked" the joint.  My sister and brother and law told us how you helped hook up the video to your speakers!  That's going above and beyond.  You played a great flow of songs and it showed.  My friends wanted to pay you for another hour!  You helped make our special day even better!

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